“The Institute draws upon a vision I see as unparalleled in range and depth as well as commitment to the future of our planet.”
—Jean Anderson, 1996 Resident, Fiction, Fairbanks, Alaska

6 fellows. 7 weeks. 57.05306 N, -135.33 W.
The Sitka Fellows Program brings together some of the most exciting, promising talent across all fields and disciplines to spend a summer residency at the Sheldon Jackson Campus in Sitka, Alaska. We look for visionaries of all stripes: frame-busting, independent thinkers who wish to immerse themselves in their work alongside smart, enthusiastic young people from radically different backgrounds.


“The residency gave me the much needed time and space to complete the first draft of my novel. That in itself was significant. But in addition I had the opportunity to be a guest of the community – to meet new people and a new culture and to enjoy the hospitality of my hosts and their friends and people I met… I also loved the experience of being in such an extraordinary natural environment and one that is so different to where I come from… It was a completely unforgettable and wonderful experience that I will always treasure.”      —Jesse Blackadder, September 2007 Resident, Fiction, Australia


You really don’t know how much of an impact these symposia have had in catalyzing understanding for so many of us. Thank you for creating both the opportunity and the safe haven for authentic discourse.
–Susan Moulton, Symposium participant, Art History Faculty, Sonoma State Univ.