Wild Language Festival Schedule

  • Posted on: 7 November 2017
  • By: Peter

Island Institute presents the Wild Language Festival, a weekend of activities celebrating the wild power of language and expression. The screenings, readings, stories, concerts, and workshops of the Wild Language Festival will place in locations around Sitka November 16th-19th. 


Thursday, Nov 16th

Our Alaskan Stories Season Two
The premiere of 5 short films by Mt Edgecumbe High School students. Special guest reading by Ernestine Hayes. 
7pm, Centennial Hall


Tidelines Journey Press Release

  • Posted on: 5 April 2017
  • By: Peter

As the environmental noise of human impact rises alongside the internal and technological noise of modern life, what is being heard? Who is being over powered? How do we remain receptive to important signals in the face of so much noise? This April, the Island Institute will work to explore these and related questions through a traveling ferry tour with a group of artists from across the country. As the tour travels through Ketchikan, Juneau, Gustavus, and Sitka, the Island Institute hopes to foster new ways of thinking about the ways that we understand place, nature, and community.


Current, Recent, and Upcoming Artist Residents

November, 2017

Kristian Sendon Cordero (poet, fiction writer, essayist, translator, filmmaker; Naga City, Philippines) writes in Filipino, Bikol and Rinconada, and has translated Borges, Kafka, Wilde and Rilke to these languages. Two of his most recent poetry collections received the 2014 National Book Awards; his debut collection of poetry in his three respective languages won the Madrigal-Gonzales Best First Book Award in 2006.

April, 2017

Nina Elder is an artist, adventurer, and arts administrator. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico where she cultivated love for the land and curiosity about its use.

April, 2017

As metaphorical expressions inspired by nature, Billy Joe Miller's work elicits possibilities of transformation and discovery. His practice often results in structures, shapes, light and sounds that frame and create contemplative, site-responsive spaces. Operating at an architectural scale, his projects are immersive and multi-sensory.

April, 2017

Jimmy Riordan splits his time between Alaska and Pennsylvania. Riordan’s practice extends beyond the bounds of any specific field or medium.  His projects have involved earth building, augmented reality, letterpress and translation to name a few. All emphasizing research and Riordan's interest in the self-taught and group learning.

April, 2017

Wendy Given is an artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. With a production of vivid, uncanny contemporary photography, sculpture, drawing and installation, her practice stems from a profound interest guided by nature, myth and magic.

November, 2016

Courtney Sina Meredith (1986–) is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and musician. Her play Rushing Dolls (2010) won a number of awards and was published by Playmarket in 2012.

September, 2016

Nikki Zielinski joins us in Sitka as the 2016 Rasmuson Foundation Artist in Residence at the Island Institute. Nikki's poetry explores the ways in which experiences of violence, both overt and institutional, shape one’s perception of and interaction with their communities and environments.

April, 2016

Lgeik'i is travelling with the Tidelines tour as a culture bearer and language warrior. She is joined by two young leaders - Mary Jack and Cecilia George - from Hoonah High School and her three amazing children, Shgate (Ava), Wandatan (Sophie), and Deit Xoon (RJ).