Tidelines 2016

In April, the Island Institute will travel with four artists through nine communities on the ferry system, exploring the impacts and implications of climate change on culture, lifestyle, heritage, and economies in Southeast Alaska.

As the climate changes rapidly as the result of unsustainable human activity, a re-evaluation of the relationship of people to the broader natural world is necessary.

Many Alaskans depend on their ability to observe and understand changes in natural patterns and their ability to maintain sustainable relationships with natural systems. Because of this knowledge and understanding, Alaskans are in a valuable position to inform the way that people across the country think about the relationship between climate and culture.

Taking a long history of sustainable subsistence practices in Southeast Alaska as a model, this work also recognizes the deep cultural and environmental wisdom of Southeast Alaska’s first people.


April 1, KCAW-Sitka, by Robert Woolsey: Tidelines offers artists a ‘nomadic’ climate change residency

April 5th, KRBD-Ketchikan, by Maria Dudzak: Impacts of climate change on culture explored

April 6th, KSTK-Wrangell, by Katarina SostaricTraveling artists, Wrangell residents share observations of climate change

April 7th, Alaska Floats My Boat, by Alaska Beachcomber: The Tidelines Ferry Tour

April 7th, KRBD-Ketchikan: Arts Council Report (feat. live performance by Allison Warden)

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Sitka, March 30 – Apr 3
April 1 – 5-9pm, Ice Cream Social and artists perform at 304 Baranof St
April 2 – Artist Workshops at 304 Baranof St

Wrangell, April 4-6
April 4th – Community Conversation from 4-6pm at Elks Lodge
April 5th – Artists perform from 6:30-8:30pm at Chief Shakes Tribal House

Ketchikan, April 6-8
April 6th – Artists perform at Saxman Tribal House from 7-9pm
April 7th – Community Conversation at Alaska Fish House Restaurant and Bar from 6:30-8:30pm

Kake, April 9-10
April 10th – Community Conversation (with spaghetti!) at Salvation Army from 2-4pm

Petersburg, April 11-12
April 11 – Artists perform at Holy Cross House from 6:30-8:30pm
April 12 – Community Conversation at Public Library from 6:30pm to 8pm

Juneau, April 14-18
April 14 – Science & Storytelling Long Table Conversation at JAHC from 7-8:30pm
April 17th – Artists perform from 7pm to 9pm at JAHC from 7-9pm

Kodiak, April 21-23
April 22 – Earth Day Artist Presentations and Community Conversation at Kodiak College, room 106, 6:30-9pm. Facebook event here.

Homer, April 24-27
April 25 – Artists perform at Bunnell St Art Center, 7-9pm
April 26 – Community Conversation at Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, 6:30-8pm

Anchorage, April 27-29

This trip was made possible by

– by Rasmuson Foundation through the Harper Arts Touring Fund, administered, under contract, by the Alaska State Council of the Arts.

– by Alaska Conservation Foundation, through their support of the Island Institute through an Organizational Capacity grant in 2015

– by an anonymous individual donor through the Juneau Community Foundation

– by a network of individual donors

– by everybody who is joining us for the events, spreading the word, or following along at home

Thank you. 

Four artists will share their climate themed artwork in each community.