Past Symposia


Crossing the Boundaries with John Haines, Sam Hamill, William Kittredge; Sheila Nickerson, William Pitt Root, John Adams (composer), and Ruth Knier.


Crossing the Boundaries: Landscape and Language with Margaret Atwood, Carolyn Forché, Robert Hass, Barry Lopez, Nancy McCleery, Peter Nabokov, and Richard Nelson.


Culture and Landscape: Toward a New World View with Siv Cedering, China Galland, John Haines, Lewis Hyde, Mary Oliver, and Paul Shepard.


Writing the Natural World: Science, Spirit and Imagination with Nora Dauenhauer, Barry Lopez, Carolyn Merchant, Melinda Mueller, Gary Nabhan, Nanao Sakaki, and Gary Snyder.


The Art of the Story with Jim Dodge, Eliza Jones, Pete Sinclair, Gioia Timpanelli, and Barre Toelken.


Allegiances: Locating Ourselves in Place and Culture with John Hildebrand, William Kittredge, Elsie Mather, William Stafford, and Terry Tempest Williams.


Groundwork: Renewing the Covenants that Sustain Us with Rachel Craig, Robert Hass, Wes Jackson, John Keeble, and Stephanie Mills.


Confluences: Personal Vision and the Responsible Voice with Hugh Brody, Ursula Hegi, Linda Hogan, James Nageak, and Chet Raymo.


Stories We Live By: Our Habit, Our Heritage, Our Hope with Ted Chamberlin, Martha Demientieff, Barbara Kingsolver, Robert Michael Pyle, and Pattiann Rogers.


10th Anniversary Retrospective with Hugh Brody, Jim Dodge, John Haines, Eliza Jones, William Kittredge, Gary Nabhan, Sheila Nickerson, James Nageak, Pattiann Rogers, Terry Tempest Williams.                                       (Two week special session; five faculty each week.)


The Spirit of Human Work with Lorna Goodison, Teresa Jordan, Robert McCarl, John Pingayak, and Tom Wayman.


Landscape and Community: Imagining Common Ground with Alison Deming, Ken Grant, Daniel Kemmis, Scott Russell Sanders, and Rina Swentzell.


Earth Household: Community and the Natural Common Wealth with Linda Hasselstrom, Tom Lyon, Richard Nelson, Don Snow, and Martha Vlasoff


Ways of Seeing, Ways of Knowing with Martha Demientieff , Ursula Franklin, David Lee, Ted Hoagland, and Gary Holthaus


A Culture to Sustain Us: Creating a Center That Holds, I with Ted Chamberlin, John Daniel, Cecilia Martz, Melinda Mueller, Ray Rasker


A Culture to Sustain Us: Creating a Center That Holds, II with Vernita Herdman, James Kilgo, David Orr, Pattiann Rogers, and Don Snow


Matters of Faith, Matters of Fact with Julie Cruikshank, Ursula Goodenough, Oscar Kawagley, Bill McKibben, and Kathleen Moore


Gifts of Grace: Restoration, Reconciliation and Forgiveness with Wendell Berry, John Daniel, Lorna Goodison, Vernita Herdman, and Alfredo Vea


Creating a Geography of Hope with Dolly Garza, Christopher Merrill, Kathleen Moore, and Ben Webb


How to Love This World: 20th Anniversary and Celebration with Vernita Herdman, David Lee, Stephanie Mills and Scott Sanders.             Celebration guests: John Daniel, Linda Hogan, Gary Holthaus, John      Keeble, Kathleen Moore, Richard Nelson, Don Snow, and Rina Swentzell.


If This is Your Land, Where are Your Stories? with Mary Clearman Blew, Ted Chamberlin, Barry Chevannes, Romaine Moreton, Levi Namaseb and Neil Sterritt.


Radical Compassion / Across the Great Divides with Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Rabia Terri Harris, Micheline Marcom, Alan Senauke, and Sandy Tolan.


On the Edge: The Necessity of Beauty with Tom Jay, Barbara Ras, Scott Russell Sanders, and Rina Swentzell


Gifts of Nature, Gifts of Culture: Who Owns the Commons? with William deBuys, Alison Deming, Vernita Herdman, and Don Snow


FrameWork: Shaping an Enduring Human Culture with Gary Holthaus, Robin Kimmerer, and Gary Snyder


Radical Imagining: Changing the Story with Stories of Change with Winona LaDuke, Molly Sturges, Luis Urrea, and Alan Weisman