Hometown: Tuscon, AZ


Dates in Sitka: 2011-01

Linda Green is an anthropologist whose work has involved her with indigenous peoples in Central America, the American Southwest, and Alaska. Her book, Fear as a Way of Life: Mayan Widows in Rural Guatemala, is a deeply moving account of Mayan women who lived daily with inescapable violence, constantly building and rebuilding their lives to survive the terrors of a twenty-year civil war. 
Linda currently lives in Arizona and is the Director of the Center for Latin American studies at the University of Arizona. She is concerned with humanitarian issues of migrants crossing the border and was recently awarded a Wenner-Gren Foundation International Collaborative Research Grant for a project entitled “Impacts of Illegality: Immigration Raids, Social Networks, Vulnerable Spaces.” During her Island Institute residency, she worked on her book To Die in the Silence of History, which emerged from her research on the social and cultural effects of the tuberculosis epidemics in Southwest Alaska. Linda is a humanitarian-scholar whose work aims to both change our thinking and make a difference in the life of others.