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Christopher Preston is a writer and environmental philosopher. He holds degrees in Philosophy and Applied Ethics from the University of Oregon, Colorado State University, and University of Durham in England.  He grounds his theoretical work in environmental ethics through his years working in Alaskan fishing and oil industries as well as with the National Park Service. Christopher’s work has been published in a wide range of environmental and philosophical journals. His first book, Grounding Knowledge: Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology and Place (University of Georgia, 2003) is an investigation of “sense of place” through a discussion of how place and mind interact.  Most recently, he wrote Saving Creation: Nature and Faith in the Life of Holmes Rolston, III, a biography of the “father of environmental ethics” which deals with Rolston’s work at the intersection of science, theology, and the environment.  Preston teaches part-time as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana in Missoula. He is also a part-time Tool Librarian for the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project.