Dates in Sitka: 2014-04

Our spring 2014 collaborative residency features two authors and friends, Carol Green and Tamie Harkins. In their time here, they are working on their own writing projects while drawing on one another for insight and inspiration. 
Carol Green is on a yearlong fellowship through the University of Rochester’s Medical Humanities department, and is investigating the varieties of spirituality among modern believers of a number of faith traditions, as well as non-believers. Carol is drawn most to the stories, “those peripatetic, painful avenues toward God and peace, and how these stories are rooted in the surest depths of a person – not in the side pockets”. In Sitka, she hopes to learn more about the island’s spiritual heritage, the dialogue between native faiths and those of later immigrants. Carol will offer classes related to her work in her time here. 
Tamie Harkins grew up spending salmon season on a small island northwest of Kodiak Island, where her family worked. For the last three years, she has been writing a memoir, Even The Song Birds, about this experience, and she hopes to spend her time in Sitka turning sections of this work into stand-alone essays. She is excited to be in Sitka, both because she finds that the nature of her writing changes here, and because she finds the Institute’s resilience work inspiring. Tamie will offer creative writing workshops while in Sitka.