Prometheus Moth: Kathleen Dean Moore,

Something Drives Up: Gary W. Hawk,

Looking East: James H. Drury,

Early Spring / An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: Melinda Mueller,

Seeing with Both Eyes–A Talk from the 1998 Sitka Symposium: John Daniel,

“…The Island Institute’s work relies heavily on human imagination. The critical part of our mission is our effort to encourage creative thinking about how people can best live together in communities and best inhabit the places we live. Locally and regionally this means working within Southeast Alaska communities where individuals, families, and businesses are coping with uncertainties brought about by a period of socioeconomic change. It is all too easy to feel desperate in times like these, all too easy to resort to the quickest fix that comes along.

In the face of such uncertainty, the Institute’s role is twofold: 1) to challenge people to bend their imaginations to the task of defining and designing the long-term community well-being, and 2) to offer publicly some of those imaginative structures Ted [Chamberlin] talks about–essays, stories, poems–which have the power to nourish the human spirit, “that part of us which invents and discovers, as well as listens and watches and waits, and hopes and prays.” This issue of Connotations is, we believe, full of such nourishment…”