The Field Marker: Alice Pung,

I Find and Name the Lost Child: Sheila Nickerson,

What Seas, What Shores?: Kate Lidfors Miller,

The Immediate Jewel: Jean Anderson,

Cover: Original hand-drawn art by Nanna Borchert,

“Sometimes, an issue of Connotations comes together around an obvious theme. As we chose pieces for this issue, however, we didn’t have such a theme in mind. It wasn’t until we put the four quite distinct stories in place that we realized just how suitably one followed the other. We were treated, once again, to that mysterious emergence of relationship between seemingly disparate things…

We offer these stories, fictional and true, with the hope that you’ll find them to be good company, their common threads linking them not only to each other, but to the ever-present work of ferreting out the truths of our lives.”