Nonviolence is Jihad: Rabia Terri Harris,

La Luz: Joanne Mulcahy,

Moon Variations / Water Histories / Ode to an Egg: Melanie Almeder,

Letter to Emily: Eva Saulitis,

Primer / Ice Fishing / Losing a Woodpecker: Annette Basalyga,

The Necessity for Beauty: Gary Holthaus,

“The 2006 Sitka Symposium, Radical Compassion / Across the Great Divides, posed a challenge that we have been pursuing for some time, albeit on a rather modest scale. The question of how to move ourselves past the classic divisions of “us” and “them” began for us in our small town of Sitka where the divides are publicly known and well-ingrained in people’s memories. If you know what side of an issue someone takes, it’s easy to presume that you know a lot of other things about them. All proponents of development are this way, all advocates for conservation are that. It is much easier to assume an adversary than not.

This Sitka microcosm is magnified many times over elsewhere in the country and around the world where conflicts with much graver repercussions fill news headlines each day…

And yet compassion begins with a simple effort to understand–to open our minds to other ways of seeing. Such is the purpose of this publication…”