30 Years Later, an article By Jeremy Pataky

Published this week over on the 49 Writers Blog, Jeremy Pataky wrote up this lovely article looking back at the Island Institute's history.

I watched the ferry chug off toward Alaska every week from Bellingham, Washington while I was in college. I loved northwestern Washington, and the proximity of the Canadian border twenty miles up the road. Every time I watched that blue ferry leave, though, magnetic bits inside me pulled for points north. 

A Poem for Carolyn and Dorik by Sheila Nickerson

As we approach the Island Institute Retrospective on March 21stwe're posting letters from people who have crossed paths with the Institute over the years. This note is from Sheila Nickerson, a Symposium faculty member. 


An Appreciation:  For Carolyn and Dorik


There was a forest full of stories waiting to be told.

We came to a house with totem poles standing guard,

glyphs sitting cross-legged in the shade,