Transition Announcement

I have decided that the time has come to resign from my post as the director of the Island Institute. Interim Director Aurora Lang will take the helm for the next several months.

The time has come whatever's next - for now, that means staying in Sitka / Southeast Alaska, working on some personal & creative projects!  The change feels exciting.

These 4+ years working at ii have been wonderful, and I wouldn't trade that time for anything. To have the opportunity to spend my days working with local and visiting writers and artists, developing youth programs and traveling ferry odysseys, making books and hosting events, and most of all thinking around the question of what it even means to foster a language of place and community… the work has been the reward. After all of that time, I have the additional gift of knowing Southeast Alaska as home, with all of the complexity that that entails.

So thank you to the great many people in Sitka and beyond who have been part of this work in the last few years, who have supported or challenged or inspired me. It's been a total honor and I've learned so much.